Looking to further increase of African market, Cnice has officially established a factory in Angola.

Recently, the physical project invested by naes group in Angola, Africa, officially broke ground. This is the first daily chemical production enterprise established by a Chinese enterprise in Angola.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties more than 30 years ago, China and Angola enjoy the advantages of traditional cooperation.

This time, according to the local policy situation, naes will establish a joint venture company -- naes south Atlantic company -- with NAKFA of Angola, which has a ten-year economic and trade cooperation relationship.

Nakfa, chairman of the board of directors of the company m beau, he says, Africa more than 55% of the population aged under 25, annual population growth rate will exceed 4%, the market potential is tremendous, we, as a love, south Atlantic company, determination to cope with the increasing market demand, Africa will love's brand and product permeates throughout Africa.

This project has received strong support from the governments of China and Angola at all levels, as well as the vast number of Chinese and overseas Chinese in Angola.

Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary gong tao said that he supported the first investment project of nares in Africa, and domestic industry leaders like nares will certainly establish a good image of Chinese enterprises in Angola and show the strong strength of Chinese enterprises to the African people.

After the completion of the angolan project, it will not only solve the employment problem of nearly 1,000 local people, but also adhere to the group's development concept of "environmentally friendly, safe and healthy", committed to producing high-quality, high-tech products and improving the quality of life of the African people.

Zhuo ziquan, general manager of nuace south Atlantic, said, "we 'go global', not only to bring out good products and brands of nuace, but also to bring out our excellent spiritual culture and management philosophy as a leading enterprise in China, for the benefit of local people."