Dermatologist reminds:Shop online/purchasing baby skin medicines should by yourself

Recently, an article on the Internet titled "100,000 sales of baby cream detected a strong hormone, after reading dare to give children use? In a post that has gone viral on wechat, six of the eight so-called "all natural" baby eczema creams have been found to contain hormones, many of which are potent, and some of which contain more than three different hormones. The reporter understands from hospital of skin disease of dalian city, many dermatologist also forwarded this article in succession. The hospital of doctor of vice director of children's skin designed clinical dong Die relic said: "but is a lot of eczema baby's parents believe that businesses do not believe the doctor!" Why do doctors leave such helpless messages? The reporter had a look at the topic.

A lot of people don't understand hormones.

Parents like to give their children to use "natural" things, and children are attached to the side of the commodity like to label "natural", "pollution-free", "no addition" and other pollution-free labels, use to treat eczema this thing, also hope that "natural", instinctively resist the use of hormones.

Dong said Die relic, eczema is one of the various factors inside and outside the body for an allergic reaction, the disease has a long duration, easy repeatedly.

Infantile eczema usually starts between 1 and 6 months of age, and peaks between 2 and 3 years of age. Infantile eczema basically shows erythema, papules, blister or exudate, scab, can accompany acuteness urticant, good hair is at cheek, forehead, scalp, serious person can send extensively whole body. Although eczema in infants is prone to recurrent recurrence, most of them are in complete remission, but about a third of children continue to develop into adulthood.

External use hormone (glucocorticoids) is a dermatologist children eczema treatment is one of the commonly used method, according to the illness weight, regular use of reasonable dosage, the utility of hormone, and rule reduction, can control the disease in the short term, avoid illness, causing a secondary infection, and so on and so forth, and will not cause harm to children's health.

But many parents do not understand the principle and use of hormone medication, just blindly partial to believe that "hormone is bad", a doctor said to give children with hormones, very resistant, worried about the children have what side effects, refused to clinical drugs.

Some parents do not give hormone creams to their children, even if they are prescribed them.

These incorrect drug choices undoubtedly delay the treatment process and increase the difficulty of treatment.

While refusing to use drugs prescribed by doctors, parents are eagerly searching for solutions in the marketplace. Blindly listen to the businessman "pure natural", "without hormone" advertisement, mistake is eczema frost is not medicaments, "pure natural" did not hurt to the child, can have the effect that relives urticant, disappear rash however, holding the attitude that have a try, used the eczema frost that contains hormone to be strong effect hormone even for the child below the circumstance that knows nothing about.

Under the name of "all natural", parents' vigilance is naturally lowered. In addition, strong hormones have instant curative effect, which makes parents believe in the product immediately. They completely ignore its side effects or possible harm, regard it as a magic product, and even use it as daily skin care products for children. What parents don't know is, the real "behind the scenes hero" or hormone!

Children can do more harm than you think

Hormone use is a "double-edged sword", blind abuse of the problem of multiple topical hormone in the clinical treatment of eczema, it is very effective in the control of the acute symptoms of eczema, so it has been favored by doctors and businesses. But, hormone use is to have strict medicate standard, must be to use below the guidance of normal dermatologist, the problem that USES blindly by oneself is much.

Many parents buy web celebrity eczema creams, skin creams or baidu remedies online without knowing the ingredients or dosage. It is very dangerous and irresponsible. Dong Die relic said that although hormone is the commonly used clinical treatment of eczema, but in children with eczema and adult patients with eczema on hormone drug selection are distinguished.

Clinically, according to the condition of children will develop treatment plans, general weak effect, topical hormone is the first choice for the treatment of children eczema, at the same time with Chinese medicine topical lotion and daily skin care moisturizer, can effectively control the disease.

The dosage of hormone, the discretion of titer, the place that USES has strict regulation. For example, parents do not know, for a long time to the child's face to use products containing strong hormones such as eczema cream, hormone dermatitis is the child is the most prone to face problems, the clinical treatment is quite intractable, the cycle is long, easy to repeat, difficult.

Infants and young children in the growth development period, its own skin barrier function is not perfect, if not normal external use potent hormone for a long time, can lead to children's growth retardation, osteoporosis, affecting the normal development of children skin and prone to drug sensitive skin, skin thinning, contraction, blood capillary expansion, the formation of red blood silk, can appear even hairy symptoms, weight gain, electrolyte disorder, peptic ulcer and gastritis, hypertension, diabetes, and other issues. All these undoubtedly increase the difficulty and risk of eczema treatment in the later stage. In severe cases, oral administration or even injection of hormones are needed to control the condition, which may cause more harm to the health of children.

The causes of eczema in infants are complex

Compared with adults, the causes of eczema in infants are also very complex, which may be related to the immature skin of infants and their vulnerability to various physical stimuli or allergens in the environment. Or related to heredity; Pollen, dust mites and other environmental factors, toys, clothing, wash and care products and other items that babies touch or use, as well as food may have hidden causes of allergies.

In addition, overwrapping the baby, improper bathing frequency and methods, improper skin moisturizing and other details of life problems, resulting in dry skin of the baby, greatly increased the prevalence of eczema. The treatment of eczema requires systematic and comprehensive treatment for different causes, including clinical treatment and daily skin care. Eczema treatment also needs a process, rush is not advisable.

Many irregular treatment, hormone abuse leads to the aggravation of eczema, or even chronic eczema into adulthood, affecting the normal life and learning of children, children's physical and mental health caused adverse effects.

Parents of children with eczema need daily attention

01 Skin moisturizing is important

Many parents mistakenly believe that eczema is caused by wet skin, but dry skin is the real trigger. Daily moisturizing of skin should use baby's special and gentle skin products (such as our homemade vitamin E cream, silicone oil, etc.), apply it regularly and regularly all over the body every day. If autumn and winter are dry seasons, increase the frequency of daily use as appropriate. A humidifier can be used in a dry environment to maintain a balance of indoor temperature and humidity.

02 Know proper bathing method

Moderate bathing is something parents need to know and master. Overwashing or not washing for too long is not right. According to the condition, if in the acute phase, the skin surface water, exudation, collapse and other conditions should not take a bath, so as to avoid infection, if no exudation can be appropriate to take a bath. Bath application warm water, every 10 minutes or so, do not scrub hard, weekly bath frequency is not too much, generally 2-3 times is appropriate, different seasons can be adjusted. Try not to use shower gel. It can cooperate with the use of our hospital's autonomous traditional Chinese medicine eczema lotion, which can play an antipruritic effect and effectively avoid children scratching. Apply moisturizer immediately after bath.

03 Blind mouth must not be avoided

Because infant is developing period, nutrient balance is very important, do not restrict painstakingly, want to maintain right amount principle. Parents should always observe their children's skin changes, find out the food that may cause or aggravate their children's allergies, and rank the degree of allergies. The diet of eczema acute period needs special attention, already the allergy food that knows clearly does not eat, spicy excitant food does not eat as far as possible. In addition, lactating mothers should pay special attention to, do not because of the child's eczema and casual weaning, and the child clearly allergic food mother had better not eat.

04 Babies dress well

The fabrics of clothings should choose pure cotton, loose, soft fabrics, do not wrap the baby too tight when indoor or go out at ordinary times, overheat also can induce eczema.

In addition, the expert reminds especially, because infant eczema course is long, easy to repeat, parents need to pay special attention to the child's skin changes, should have patience and persistence, should maintain a good attitude, not in a hurry, actively cooperate with treatment and daily care, can let the child quickly get rid of the trouble of eczema, avoid recurrence again.