Do not use cyber celebrity hair dryer! You should wash your hair twice.


oily hair: hair oil is due to the scalp sebaceous glands through the hair follicle to the end of the hair diffusion, sebum secretion, it is oily hair.

Sebaceous gland secretion is adjusted by male hormone, also be washed by the hair protect, the influence such as food.

dry hair: due to improper washing and other reasons, small skin damage, denudation, internal fur can not maintain enough moisture.

Dry hair conscious hair dry, no luster, difficult to shape.

neutral hair: it is between oily and dry hair between the ideal state.

How often should I wash my hair?

The correct frequency of shampoo depends on the sebum of the scalp.

Simply put, it is a scalp oil degree to judge.

Generally speaking, oily hair should be washed every day, neutral hair should be washed every other day and dry hair should be washed every three days.

Wash hair every time want to wash twice, oily hair person should be so more.

Usually the first time about 15 to 30 seconds can be washed, roughly remove scalp grease, the use of styling products can be washed off at this time.

The 2nd time should be rinsed carefully, spend a minute about time to clean scalp, can join the gimmick of a few massage, reoccupy clear water is flushed finally clean.

Unless the scalp has been dry enough to take off dandruff, or dyed bleached hair afraid of fading, otherwise it is recommended to wash your hair twice.

How to wash your hair properly?

Under the condition of the dry air, easy to lose moist hair, suggested to use the conditioner after wash a head to do simple hair care, because the embellish hair dew of cationic surface active substance can make hair reactive molecules oriented, to reduce the electric charge on the hair, resistance is reduced, enhance the antistatic effect of protective film, at the same time use embellish hair dew still can make hair soft, smooth moisturizing moisturizing.

When the hair is about to dry after washing the head, also can use the moisture product of milk of a few embellish hair, essential oil and so on appropriately, keep the hair moist.

The wet hair that just washed does not use blower to blow whole hairstyle immediately, hot wind can destroy hair organization, injury scalp.

Correct way is, wash hair to use dry towel to press the moisture on wet hair to squeeze first dry, reoccupy blower, the distance between the hair and blower had better maintain in 15 to 17 centimeters.

How to choose shampoo?

Suggest to choose the shampoo of single effect, weak acidity, to scalp burden is less.

Have the double effect shampoo that adds moist effect to oily scalp person, cause burden easily, if have protect hair demand, suggest to add other product separately.

How does ability distinguish the composition of shampoo effectively?

The simplest and practical method, will judge from the color of shampoo, the shampoo that chooses transparent quality of a material is best, shampoo of general double effect is milky white or other color more.

Regular scalp deep care can not be ignored, just like face skin to regularly exfoliate, the scalp is the same.

In addition, want to have a head beautiful hair still should maintain regular life, eat excitant food less, often change pillowcase, had better change a week.