90% accidents in Medical beauty came from the

On March 11, the "healthy Chinese" series round table BBS of "protecting consumer rights and interests·co-governance of medical beauty industry" of the national two sessions in 2019, sponsored by People's Daily online and people's health, experts attending the meeting said that 90% of the accidents of medical beauty plastic surgery were caused by "three non-doctors", and the prevalence of fake medical products in traditional Chinese medicine was an important factor. In this BBS, medical American Internet platform new oxygen announced the establishment of "genuine product alliance" on BBS. It is reported that this is the most extensive coverage of the medical beauty alliance. New oxygen will launch four major measures, namely the establishment of the original factory certification, drug scanning code verification, doctor licensing classification, medical beauty information encyclopedia.

90% of cosmetic surgery accidents are caused by "three wrongs"

Under the trend of consumption upgrading and social medical practice, medical beauty stands on the stage of consumer medical treatment and becomes the vanguard of medical marketization. Data shows that since 2015, the size of China's medical beauty market has been growing at an annual rate of 40%, and Chinese consumers' understanding of medical beauty is gradually changing from "talking about changing color" to "accepting it generously".

But what is worrying is that the current medical beauty market is plagued by black market, blind obedience of consumers and undervaluation of good doctors. Medical beauty has both medical properties. Due to the particularity of medical products, improper consumption will not only not become beautiful, but also hurt the body and mind.

According to CCTV, 90 percent of the accidents in yimei's plastic surgery are caused by "three evils". The black market of medical treatment in the United States mainly refers to the "three non" markets, namely informal institutions, informal doctors and informal medical devices.

Jiang hua, the incoming President of the branch of aesthetic and plastic surgery of the Chinese medical doctor association, said that with the development of the economy and the change of people's ideas, the pursuit of beauty has become an indispensable part of People's Daily life, and the medical beauty industry is developing rapidly.

However, such "explosive" development brings about a shortage of talents, especially the shortage of high-level doctors. Some medical personnel without strict training enter the industry, causing serious risks to medical safety and quality, except for informal doctors, which leads to a great loss of reputation and safety. "In the 1980s, there were less than 200 formal practitioners of medical aesthetics, but now there are millions of them". "Medical hairdressing is based on health, so the formal institutions, both public and private, the first thing to have relevant medical qualification", says physician xiao-yan zhang, director of the china-japan friendship hospital dermatological department and relevant qualifications in WeiJianWei, health administrative departments for the record, the consumer should be good at identifying qualified institutions and physicians.

The flood of fake medicine and medicine products lies in the attractive price and lax punishment.

There are also a lot of irregularities in the medical device market, such as the proliferation of grey-market goods and fake goods. Gray goods, that is, in a country or region without the original manufacturer designated by the sales agent and sales of products. Due to the particularity of imec products, every step from production to transportation needs strict management. For example, in order to ensure the stability of product quality, all the raw materials of bococos worldwide are supplied centrally from the United States to Ireland.

From production to transportation, each bottle of botux should not be exposed to room temperature for more than 9 hours. Once no formal cold chain transport, product quality is difficult to ensure. Fakes directly harm the personal safety of consumers. Feng xingfu, founder and executive director of east China ningbo medicine, believes that the reason why non-standard phenomenon has been repeatedly banned is on the one hand that gray goods, fake goods have a price lure, on the other hand is that the punishment measures are not severe enough.

As the largest hyaluronic acid injection brand in China, ningbo pharmaceutical in east China has taken a lot of preventive measures. For example, the customers must be hospitals and the delivery place must be a legal place. Traditionally, the industrial chain of medical aesthetics is a top-down line. First, manufacturers produce medical devices, which are distributed by dealers to various medical aesthetics institutions, and then the institutions serve consumers.

In this chain, in order to ensure the safety of consumption, domestic compliance manufacturers have done a lot of training and empowerment on institutions, doctors and the use of equipment and products.

Wu weinong, general manager of enterprise affairs department of allergan China, said that consumers do not know, in fact, it is very simple.

Medical medicine is directly into the body, need to be careful.

Some informed consumers will even see a doctor to open the package and take away the used package and bottle for future use.

Due to the lack of professional knowledge reserves, often to the consumer this link, the above information transmission is broken.

Trained doctors and institutions cannot be recognized by consumers, and they are mixed with good doctors and genuine goods.

New oxygen promotes four measures to build "genuine product alliance"

So how to link the broken chain, so that the real goods and good doctors are presented in front of medical beauty consumers in a real, objective and scientific way?

"The certification system for institutions and doctors by licensed manufacturers was previously limited to offline. Now is the era of Internet popularization, people's information exchange and consumption behavior are gradually online, especially the young consumer group. The purpose of the new oxygen genuine product alliance is to make the original certification system online, further reduce the information asymmetry, and make the value of excellent institutions and doctors fully reflected online." Venus indicates.

New oxygen founder and CEO jin xing

Among the four major measures introduced by new oxygen, drug scanning code verification means that when consumers open the APP of new oxygen, they can scan the code with one key to get information such as the source of drugs and the number of times they have been checked and verified. This function has been launched in February 2019, and all the mainstream injection brands in China have participated in code scanning and verification, including qiao yaden from allergan and yi wan from ningbo medicine in east China, two brands that have a large audience in China.

The original certification and certification classification of doctors are the organizations and doctors certified by the manufacturer's brand. On the list of organizations and doctors of the new oxygen APP, they will put the badge of authentic product alliance and the original certification logo, so that consumers can be clear at a glance. The original factory certification will be launched this month at the soonest, and the information of more than 1,000 institutions will be included in the first batch. Yimei information encyclopedia was launched last year, covering all mainstream medical programs. The drug and instrument databases were established, including the materials, efficacy, reference price, advantages and disadvantages, performance parameters, the implementation of video, preoperative and postoperative effects, etc.

New oxygen is the largest and most professional medical beauty platform in China. With an Internet platform like new oxygen, Venus hopes to make the whole market more symmetrical and transparent, making it a platform that can truly benefit legitimate businesses and legitimate hospitals and medical institutions. Feng xingfu expressed on BBS that he is glad to see such an Internet platform as xinoxygen take the lead, calling for the industry to co-governance, and he is willing to participate in the genuine product alliance of xinoxygen.

"We hope that through such cooperation, we will be able to pass on the information of formal products and authentic products to consumers, so that consumers will not blindly use the products." "We think it is very important to strengthen the cooperation between government and enterprises," said li song, director of the Beijing market regulation bureau. We should work together to promote the healthy development of the market, and promptly deal with illegal activities such as expired licenses or licensing certificates, over-extended business operations, and substandard medical equipment."