3.15 fight fakes | online shopping lipsticks was produced from the underground factory


Public report

Online shop to buy cosmetics with a problem

In early December 2018, nanjing public security bureau's food and drug investigation detachment received a report from citizens that they had purchased cosmetics from an online store. After using the cosmetics, they were somewhat allergic to their faces.

After receiving the clues, the nanjing public security bureau's food and drug detection detachment immediately sent the cosmetics for inspection, and found that the heavy metals and bacteria in the cosmetics seriously exceeded the standard, and the identification results showed that the cosmetics were fake and inferior.

At the same time, the investigation around the online shop found that there was a big gap between the selling price of many skincare products and cosmetics and the price of authentic products, and the analysis was likely that most of the products it sold were fake products produced by the fake factory.

Nanjing police attaches great importance to it. The food and drug ring investigation detachment of nanjing public security bureau and qinghuai branch set up a joint task force to carry out investigation and follow up the investigation.

Police went to the source of goods for many times to carry out related work, under the continuous efforts of a production and sale of fake goods led by wang finally surfaced.


 The police investigated the factory

● police investigation

The factory is highly concealed and the internal production environment is worrying

According to relevant clues, the police found the factory manufacturing fake goods.

The factory is located in a building that does not appear to have any factory signs from the outside, and the Windows are covered with thick curtains, with people checking in and out.

On December 26, 2018, the food and drug environmental investigation detachment of nanjing public security bureau and qinhuai branch organized nearly 100 police officers to storm out and execute the arrest operation. With the on-site assistance of ali anti-counterfeiting special force and brand right owner, more than 150 people were arrested and the factory and warehouse involved goods were sealed up.

After entering the factory, the police noticed that the production environment was very simple and did not meet the relevant standards set by the state.

Cardboard boxes and finished eyeshadow trays and boxes were piled jumbly on shelves and floors, with many of the workers wearing neither masks nor gloves, and raw materials for processing were stacked on one side, with unfinished eyeshadow, powder and other cosmetics on the processing table.

According to factory workers huang, the director has been emphasized that should not be a stranger, person of hometown, such as outsiders into the factory, also can not take pictures inside the factory, or send the product within the circle of friends, the factory is also equipped with entrance guard, need a credit card to enter, and these can pass the entrance card to distribute the work time of the day, after work will be recycled.

After preliminary inspection by the police, they found that the factory did not have a production license, the powder pressing workshop was not decorated, and the operation process did not meet the hygiene licensing requirements. Later, the police took back the cosmetics found at the scene for inspection.

Test results showed that the factory used industrial-grade raw materials that could not come into contact with skin, and the heavy metals in the cosmetics were generally more than 10 times over the limit.



Hundreds of "big-name" products sell for only a few dozen yuan

These outward appearance looks relatively exquisite false big brand cosmetic, cost price also does not pass 4 5 yuan.

Products manufactured in the factory boss will put on the electric business platform for the price of their teens and 20 yuan for bulk sale, will be on the same day in the factory the production of all the finished goods to the warehouse, package delivery from warehouse, the warehouse also have no house, after send the goods quickly close the door to leave.

According to the survey, the division of labor in the factory is very clear, by the boss after the purchase of raw materials, preparation of products, packaging, sales and other aspects of the process are responsible for the special workers, including monochromatic eye shadow, every day can produce 8000 to 10000, multicolor eye shadow plate daily production can also reach 6000 to 7000 pieces.

According to the preliminary statistics of the police, the shipment volume of this factory is also very large every day. Because its products are relatively cheap compared with the market price of authentic products, the products of this factory are relatively popular, with an average shipment of nearly 2,000 pieces per day.

The factory has been engaged in the production and sales of fake world famous cosmetics for a long time with low price as bait, which has brought great harm to the majority of consumers.

According to preliminary statistics, the amount involved amounted to more than 10 million yuan.

At present, the factory has been closed down by qinhuai police on suspicion of counterfeiting registered trademarks and infringing copyright. Criminal enforcement measures have been taken against 45 suspects involved in the case, and related work is still in progress.