240 people tested 10 body lotions, which can make us nice and smooth?

 10 body milk reviews reveal plot

· recommendation: l 'occitane, nivea

· not recommended: Alpha Hydrox contains prohibited preservatives

· other 7 styles can be tried. See the full text for details


01   Safety test around, 1 is not qualified

Microbe, heavy metal, preservative, pH, methanol, ethanol, flavor and fragrance all tested once, except the Alpha Hydrox fruit acid body milk found the forbidden preservative iodine-propargyl alcohol butyl aminate ester, the other 9 all qualified.

Ahem, breathe a little, 7 of the 9 safe ones contain a small amount of long-chain Nippon ester preservative or formaldehyde/formaldehyde release. Li meimei does not recommend it first, it will be listed as the grade that can be tried. Do you mind?

Finally only l 'occitane, nivea temporarily enter the recommended ranks.

Iodine-propargyl butylated ammonia ester: used as a prohibited preservative in body cream/milk. Long-term use can cause allergic contact infection and contact dermatitis. Long-chain nipagin esters: controversial preservatives. Long-term use of large amounts of contact or allergic dermatitis.

Formaldehyde/formaldehyde emitters: preservatives allowed in cosmetics. Irritant to skin mucous membrane, may cause allergic dermatitis. Although have a few body breast to check, but be in national standard inside value of set limit to, li beauty does not recommend first, see your individual decision specifically. Specific each check out what can enter the list of small procedures to see details, the following detailed comments will also be marked for everyone remind.


02    Use sensormeasure dimension overview

Body milk this thing, everybody also did not have much tall to its expectation, nothing more than is slippery tender and sweet, because this li meili thinks to think to develop a set of evaluate standard, enclose li meili inside this month feeling ~

As for the above dimensions, li meimei collected the feedback from 240 fairies in the small program. See you later for the detailed comments on 10 types of body milk.


Send a picture, for everyone details texture


 03    Item review

LOCCITANE sweet cherry blossom lotion


It doesn't have a risk component which is good. The appearance is fairy and tender, warm cherry blossom color is the old aunt of the girl heart. Relaxed good push easy absorption, moist degree is ok, suit to pursue gently protect wet little girl, besides fragrance too thick do not have what bug, protect hand frost with the same department as its home, cherry blossom flavour is very full-bodied.

In addition, mica is added to the body milk, and when it is applied, there will be little flashes of buling. Some people like this kind of shining, while others think it is equivalent to a white bath. Think you can put it on before you go out


Compared with l 'occitane, nivair's biggest advantage is the parity, 29 yuan 200mL, cost performance. Very neutral fragrance, moderate concentration, moisture moisture is also good, the use of feeling can be said to be very good, thin texture, super easy to push, great extension, spread on the leg a small piece can push a large, feel the whole leg are slippery niu niu ~


A person's sentiment is very high all the time, each respect compares the rule in the rules, green tea flavour, although not common and colourful, but industry feels slightly heavy, cream body mixes grain, it is to enhance protect wet honey elite allegedly, but look apart from becoming, the trace that did not discover to have honey, be good at this grain is easier change open, do not rub skin.

After besmear film feels, the feeling is not permeable, additional, canned design, dig take inconvenience, can get in fingernail, some people may mind.


Honestly, when collecting feedback, vaseline was found to have the largest number of users. The brand that has era very much is taking the odour that has era feeling to rush toward masses, press, heard memory, quality of a material is frivolous water embellish, super good push away, the biggest characteristic is cheap big only, use do not have love dearly, if feel to protect wet enough, can bespeak a layer completely.

It is said to whiten the skin, li mimei looked at the package, the ingredients list can whiten the niacinamide, ascorbic acid phosphate sodium and tocopherol acetate, and niacinamide content is not small, theoretically will help whitening ~


Unwilling to be downwind of domestic products body milk, thin emulsion texture, super good absorption and push away, the United States of America, taste is not advanced, strong grandmother fragrance. Individual friend feedback is used hind allergy, li beautiful saw bottle body to have remind, the skin is easy allergic person caution is used, so the little elder sister of sensitive muscle considers as appropriate the circumstances.


Come again close the body milk of civilian of a price close, but besides price close civilian, also do not seem to have other outstanding window, each respect performance is more general, slant thick sweet, after besmear, can have a diao diao oil, suit not quite the girl that loves relaxed.


In this review, the flavor is the weakest one, the esubstantial grain flavor, which is unique among many body milk. We can't help asking, what is the immortal operation of this flavor?

Look at the full name of the case, oatmeal incense. What's worth mentioning is that out of the 10 body lotions reviewed, alvino scored the highest in terms of moisture retention, as well as good feedback in terms of being fresh, easy to push and easy to absorb.


Act as purchasing agency in Thailand circle hot body lotion, cheap only, in the evaluation feedback, moist degree of the lowest one, according to its official claims, mainly by hydrolyzing milk protein and coenzyme Q10 moisturizing, but from the point of composition table, the two levels are relatively low, so the daub after think enough moisture it is not surprising, perhaps use more appropriate in the summer.

Taste like its name, rich milk fragrance, sweet taste faint, can not help but think of white rabbit creamy candy, do not like flower girl can try.


Spanish niche brand, the price is a little higher than l 'octren, the brand is famous because fan bingbing a little red book share, but this bottle is red, fan bingbing is the same type of blue word.

Starting with this 10% fruit acid body lotion, fruit acid peel is a new treatment for acne in recent years, and can soften the cuticle. In addition, ergothione in the formula can resist oxidation and glucosinolates of ascorbate can also whiten and resist oxidation. According to the feedback collected before this article, the moisturizing ability is also outstanding. Overall, this is a body milk with strong efficacy. But the sour taste is heavier, the taste of the fairy sent a few weighing ~

Enjoin a word: concentration 10% fruit acid products, suggested a small range of trial after large area daub, in addition to the skin is more sensitive, to avoid sunburn, summer must be finished with sunscreen and then go out!

Say fan bingbing again the king of goods of same paragraph break, declare in advance, whether that composition safety does not know, we did not measure, be aimed at everybody only curious beautiful white is grilled one grilled composition. It is said to contain 2.5% niacinamide, a well-known whitening ingredient, but the exact concentration is not known. The formulation of the transocetic acid can reduce the formation of melanin, fade the color spots, and achieve whitening. There are also anti-inflammatory glycyrrhetinic acid and moisturizing repair ceramide. So from the ingredients alone, is a focus on whitening body milk.


Moisture and alvino, but the detection of banned preservatives, everything into nothing. Pinch refers to a calculation or someone asked, is it really whitening acne exfoliating? Similar to sesderma10% body milk, this one has a slightly higher concentration. Original acidity, much lighter than sesderma.

For women with exfoliating and back acne needs, sesderma is a safe bet if you're feeling desperate for rough, matted skin and two inches of chicken skin on your elbows.

Above 10, should say should not say all said, finally should buy which, depend on your budget how much the most important ~

If you have high requirements for ingredients and moisture can be

Recommendation: l 'occitane, nivea

If you can tolerate minor flaws in ingredients

Moisturize: everino, sesderma

Try whitening: vaseline, sesderma

There's a need to exfoliate: sesderma


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