This kind of wild vegetable has strange fragrance, can do perfume bag, can do western food, also is a ingredients for mouthwash.

 Have you ever heard of a weed called oregano?

Like ordinary weeds, oregano is not picky about its living environment. It can grow on roadsides, thickets, grasslands and hillsides.

Oregano has many nicknames, in shaanxi called wild mint;

In yunnan it is called suzi grass;

In fujian it is called soil fungus Chen;

It is also called suijing grass in jiangsu province.


Oregano can be used as medicine to prevent influenza, prevent heat stroke, cold, headache, body weight, abdominal pain, vomiting, pleural distension, stagnation of food and gas, abdominal distension, diarrhea, menorrhagia, leakage under the strip, skin itching and edema.

In addition, oregano oil, the volatile oil from oregano, can be used as medicine and health food for adults.



Oregano has a very special flavor.

Legend has it that since the middle ages, europeans have not only carried oregano in sachets, but also in cooking and scented tea.

Oregano is often used to make pizza in Italy, where spices are the most popular. So oregano is also known as "pizza grass".

For a long time, Europe and the United States as food antiseptic preservative agent.



Because of its special flavor, oregano is also a mouthwash ingredient.

The main bactericidal substances in mouthwash are actually fragrances, which are generally regarded as freshening breath. In fact, some fragrances can also have bactericidal and bactericidal effects.

Many mouthwashes contain fragrances such as musk deer and thyme, originally derived from a plant called oregano.