100RMB of conscience products eye cream! The third BYOD massage head.


When it comes to buying eye cream, many people will be more confused.

Do not know clearly eye cream how to choose ability is better, even a lot of people still do not know to want to use eye cream this kind of thing, perhaps bought also not quite can use.

Bought is not suitable for eye cream, with several times he found himself long fat granule of eyelid, line and plane, give up use eye cream, feel not simply to absorb, have the idea of girl, you old just know regret, such as eye cream this kind of thing is sooner rather than later, we maintain skin is to advance prevention, if wait until skin what went wrong that use moisturizers have no effect.



It is necessary to apply eye cream every day, and it is even more important to choose an eye cream that suits you.

Like some of our domestic goods are very easy to use, but also bring a massage effect, important is not hundreds of yuan, the effect of removing eye lines amazing, but many people do not know.

1, 3x pouch elimination


The first kind is the eye frost that this can eliminate pouch, be like this kind of eye frost pertinence is stronger, basically be like a few to have big pouch or the person that is eyelid below has deep drape will use.

Pouch formation there are a lot of reasons, like some people who often stay up late President of deep eye fold, because your eyes are always in use, the rest time is too little so aging fast, the flue is formed is relatively difficult to remove and looks very old, also didn't spirit, this eye cream to eliminate pouch, we can tighten the eye ministry skin, prevent sagging, to use for a long time can effectively relieve eye aging, eye bags, natural look young.

2, ball eye cream


The eye cream that compares easy to use in 3 kinds of our country goods, it is this kind of eye cream that takes ball ball, of this kind of eye cream design also very human nature, eye cream flows out from inside ball ball slowly, won't resemble the eye cream of bottle in that way difficult control dosage, and those who have bacterium and so on goes in, more safe and sanitation some.

Like this kind of eye cream will be more basic, for the sudden emergence of eye lines or dark circles are very effective, more suitable for students or young girls.

3, electric massage head and eye cream


The 3rd eye cream is more magical, and compare of rare, also be the eye cream of conscience of our country goods compares, bring oneself massage head.

For a few older women, daub is common filling water or it is moist eye frost actually the effect is not very apparent really, because your eye ministry already was in an ageing very fast state below, so to every daub eye frost is absorbed actually the effect already was in big discount.

An eye cream like this one with its own massage head is a good idea. One application of an eye cream is like giving yourself a free massage. After a few minutes of massage every night, your eyes will feel relaxed and comfortable.

In a word, these cheap and easy to use inexpensive domestic products eye cream, the effect of eye wrinkles is very good!

And it comes with a massage stick. Do you know any of these conscience products?

There are other good, welcome to put forward ~