South Korean men's weekly beauty, lipstick sales surge 16-fold.

With the progress of the society, more and more people live a good, after meet the basic food and clothing, people began to have a higher pursuit, especially for its exquisite, is finished by its beauty, some people choose to have breast implants, some people will choose to plastic surgery, even some people will choose to degeneration and so on, the objective is to allow themselves to be more perfect some.

This is relatively obvious in South Korea.



South koreans are especially beautiful, no matter male or female, they like to dress up very well.

For women, beauty is a common thing, but for men, if too deliberately to dress up their words, will be laughed at by others.

But south Korean men are not afraid, with three quarters of them spending time on their daily beauty routine, according to the survey.



According to south Korean media reports, south Korean male makeup is already widespread phenomenon, whether in the cosmetics shop or salon, see almost as the number of male cosmetics and make-up, and in the production of cosmetics manufacturer also said, more and more men due to the use of cosmetics, they produce a lot of male cosmetics were soon snapped out, sales also jumped.


South Korea's skincare market grew 44 percent year on year between 2011 and 2018, and grew the fastest in 2018, making it the world's largest consumer of men's skincare products, according to a state media report.

According to data released by a south Korean beauty chain on February 25, 2019, the company's male cosmetics increased by 30 percent last year compared with the same period last year.

Shop assistants say it used to be just a few women buying cosmetics together, but now you can see several men buying cosmetics together.



In addition, sales of men's coloured lip balm rose 16-fold last year compared with the same period last year, air cushion and BB cream rose 30 per cent, and eyebrow pencil for men rose 25 per cent.

In order to supply these exquisite Korean men in time, the manufacturer said that there will be a variety of eyebrow shaping knife, chest patch, leg hair remover and other products for men.

A south Korean man said that whether they are famous male stars or ordinary young people, they all want to make themselves a more delicate man.


After reading this report, many netizens will ask: men should not wear makeup after all?

PCE said that the love of beauty is everyone's nature, the right to pursue beauty everyone has, to make themselves more perfect is not wrong, we should learn from Korean men, let themselves look more delicate.

Will you guys approve of male makeup?

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